Binodal curve measurement


The binodal (solubility) curves and tie line data for ternary systems of (water + propionic acid + dichloromethane) at 91.3 kPa andT=(277.15, 284.15, and 294.15) K are reported. The binodal curve results were determined by cloud point measurements method. A simple titration method has been used for determining of the concentration of propionic acid in the both liquid phases at equilibrium. The results obtained were successfully correlated with the UNIQUAC activity coefficient model. The deviations between experimental and calculated compositions in both phases for the ternary system using this model are reported. The partition coefficients of propionic acid and the selectivity factor of dichloromethane for extracting of propionic acid from water were calculated and are reported. The phase diagrams for the ternary system studied including both the experimental and correlated tie lines are presented.

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